Jordan joined our shipboard cruises as a member of the onboard expedition team. After a month of sailing Canada’s wild coastlines with him, I applaud his charisma, his infectious enthusiasm, his obvious talent, and his passion for exploration. Jordan’s adventurous spirit, his appreciation of home, and his delight in the human spirit all shine through his music and performance. Dedicated, funny, and entertaining, Jordan’s music is sure to charm.
Cedar Swan, CEO, Adventure Canada

One of the most memorable moments during my journey Into the Northwest Passage with Adventure Canada happened while riding a zodiac back to the ship after a night at a pub in Greenland. Jordan pulled out his guitar and serenaded us with The Boys Around the Bay as the sun set behind the icebergs. Jordan and his music enriched the entire trip, and by the end, everyone on board were singing along.
Lydia Schrantd, Production Manager USA Today



Meet Jordan...

Jordan Harnum is a true son of Newfoundland. Born and raised in New Harbour, he learned the power and tradition of song and story from a young age.
Jordan has always felt a deep spiritual connection with the act of performing on stage or on screen.
Jordan’s debut record “The Boys Around The Bay” was produced and written-in-part by Glenn Simmons (The Fables) (Wonderful Grand Band) and released in the fall of 2017. Since then, Jordan and his All-Star Band have been showcasing the album and their talents throughout his home in Newfoundland.